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In our line of work, the only difference between life & death is the quality of our equipment and the soundness of our technique.

We take health and safety seriously.

That’s why we use state of the art equipment, which is maintained to the highest levels. Additionally, all employees are thoroughly schooled in modern arboricultural methodology.

When it comes to Health & Safety, our comprehensive 36 page Health & Safety Policy is our life line. By following this policy, we know that we not only keep our staff safe, but we’re also looking after the safety of you and your property.

In the unlikely event of a significant accident or damage to property we carry liability insurance for $5,000,000. The details of this policy are cited below.

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FMG Insurance

17 May 2018
Certificate of Cover
Client / Policy Number: 10169814
Insured: Stump Busters Ltd

Cover: Liability – Earthworks, Mechanics shops, Agricultural Contracting – Other
This is to confirm the above named party has current insurance cover with FMG as listed below:

Insured Item: Employer’s Liability
Sum Insured ($) +GST / Area: $250,000
Insured Item: Forest and Rural Fires Act Liability
Sum Insured ($) +GST / Area: $1,000,000
Insured Item: General Liability
Sum Insured ($) +GST / Area: $5,000,000
Insured Item: Moral Obligation
Sum Insured ($) +GST / Area: $5,000
Insured Item: Service and Repair Liability
Sum Insured ($) +GST / Area: $1,000,000
Insured Item: Statutory Liability
Sum Insured ($) +GST / Area: $500,000

Period From: 17 May 2018 to 10 May 2019

Yours sincerely,

Leanne Herangi
FMG Insurance

Download a copy of our comprehensive Health & Safety Policy
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