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Pruning of Large Trees

Many large trees require trimming, shaping and height reductions. Careful management of your trees will help keep them healthy, increase their lifespan and provide better protection for nearby buildings.

Large Tree Pruning

The pruning of large trees helps to improve the form of the tree, reduce wind resistance, increases light penetration and helps to improve the overall health of the tree.

Large trees should not be pruned without quality equipment, attention to detail, and experience.

That’s why we use state of the art equipment, which is maintained to the highest levels. Additionally, all employees are thoroughly schooled in modern arboricultural methodology.

Height Reductions

Height Reduction reduces the height of a tree by pruning back the leaders and branch terminals.

Compared to just topping the tree, reduction helps maintain the form and structural integrity of the tree.

Common reasons for reducing the height of a tree include:

  • Keeping the tree clear from power lines
  • Improving the view
  • Providing additional room for another tree
  • Decreasing the potential damage the tree could cause should it fall

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