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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a term used to describe a method of removing a stump after a tree has been cut. A large cutting wheel with tungsten teeth is used to chip away the stump to below the surface of the ground.

Stump grinding is the most cost effective way to remove stumps and minimize the amount of damage to your property. In many cases, once we are finished, there is little sign that equipment was ever on your property.

Removing a tree from your garden is only part of the job. The other half is getting the stump out of the ground. Without the right equipment and knowledge this can be almost impossible to do.

Why Remove Stumps?

  • Stumps are ugly
  • They attract insects
  • Tripping over them hurts (a public liability nightmare)
  • They’re bad Feng Shui because they are considered ‘tomb stones’
  • Rotting stumps can spread disease and of course they can re-grow

We work exclusively with Stump Busters, the stump grinding experts.

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