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Protree sees tree removal as the last resort but there are circumstances where it is necessary to carry out such an intensive level of tree work. We can help decide whether or not a tree should be removed, and recommend the best course of action.

Our team of Arborists have the skills and tree brace equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees, no matter where they are located. Where it comes to big tree removal, we’ll use a heavy crane as required to safely, lower and move sections of the tree as it is dismantled.

Tree felling is recommended if the tree:

  • Is dead or dying
  • Is considered irreparably hazardous
  • Is causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct through pruning
  • Is crowding and causing harm to other trees
  • Is to be replaced by a more suitable specimen
  • Should be removed to allow for new construction
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Shrub Removal in Auckland – Shrub Removal Costs.

Sometimes, it may be desired to remove underperforming shrubs for better ones. We offer a complete tree and shrub removal service in order to aid in crafting the garden of your dreams. Our experienced tree and shrub removal consultants are able to appropriately assess your needs, giving you an in-depth quote of shrub removal costs.

Talk to Protree for a professional tree removal service.

Our three large chippers and three ton trucks will be able to dispose of any trees we remove from your property. Chopping trees into firewood is available on request. Our focus is greater than just residential removals – Protree has a long history working with businesses in need of a commercial tree removal.

Council consent is often required is often required for the removal of large trees. We can provide advice on whether to seek consent and how best to do so.

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